Gorgeous Bormioli Rocco Murano Cobalt Blue Glasses

Bormioli Rocco Murano  Cobalt Blue Beverage Glass
As I’ve mentioned before on this very tea blog, I am nothing if not obsessed with beautiful dishes. Plates, bowls, saucers, mugs, glasses – the works. When I see beautiful glasses or other dishes, they just strike me as works of art.

The gorgeous Bormioli Rocco Murano 14-7/8-Ounce Cobalt Blue Beverage Glass, Set of 4 above is a PERFECT example.  Who wouldn’t think “work of art” when they see these beauties?

Product Features:

  • Set of 4 glasses measuring approximately 4 by 4 by 4-1/2 inches and holding 14-7/8 ounces each
  • Spun, machine-made glass construction; flared shape
  • Vibrant cobalt-blue swirls and hammered texture
  • Dishwasher-safe for thorough cleanup

Naturally, since Sweet Iced Tea is my life, I see these beauties as IDEAL for iced tea – but let’s be honest, they’d be IDEAL for just about anything, from juice to milk and water to iced coffee.

Click through the link or picture for a closer look.  Can you imagine how beautiful they’d be on a holiday table?!?! 

Unique and Gorgeous Tea Art Print

Tea Pot with Tea Cup
This beautiful Tea Pot with Tea Cup photographic print is available online and, quite frankly, I can’t quit looking at it.  If (like my oldest daughter) you decorate an entire room with tea-themed lovelies, I know you’ll want to take a closer look at this print.

I love everything about this print – the serenity, the photography. the colors.. everything.   The colors are especially cool because they’ll go with any and every color scheme possible.

Click through the link or picture for more information.  Love this!


Beautiful Stove Top Glass Tea Kettles

Glass Stovetop Tea Kettle

The stylishly beautiful Aqua Glass Stovetop Tea Kettle pictured above features a metal tea infuser for steeping loose-leaf tea directly in the kettle. The kettle’s durable glass construction lets you check the tea’s color so you can pour the perfect cup every time.

Also available in Fuchsia:

Fuchsia Glass stove top tea kettle

Fuchsia Glass Stovetop Tea Kettle

British Tea: Black and Green Tea Variety Packs (120 Teas!)

British Tea

This looks like something I could get behind (and in front of and beside…). Tea – lots and lots and lots of tea!

British Tea has a couple of Variety Packs on Amazon that I think you’ll be as impressed with as I am.

First Up: The Black Tea Variety Pack

British Tea Black Tea Variety Pack (pictured above )is six boxes of top quality black tea.  The flavors are English Breakfast, English Afternoon, Earl Grey, Chai Tea, Peach, and Lemon.

Yes, please!

This variety pack is available on Amazon for less than you’d expect to pay.. I mean, seriously, this is A LOT of tea!

Click through the picture of the link for more information.

British Tea Green Tea

Next Up: The Green Tea Variety Pack

The British Tea Green Tea Variety Pack (pictured above) includes 6 boxes of high quality green tea (20 tea Sachets per box).

Flavors: Natural, Strawberry, Jasmine, Mint, Earl Grey and Lemon

I’ve never had Earl Grey Green Tea – I’m pretty excited to try it!

Click through the picture or link for more information.

Time for Tea Infographic

Time for Tea – An infographic by the team at Emma Bridgewater



Beautiful & Colorful (Restaurant-Quality!) Plastic Iced Tea Tumblers

Plastic Iced Tea Tumblers

I’m not sure which I love the most about these 8pc Break-resistant Restaurant-quality SAN Plastic 28-ounce Iced Tea Cup Tumblers in 4 Assorted Colors – the vivid colors or the patterns. I guess it’s really a combination of the two.

Whatever the reason, I love them wildly.

Most people love having plastic iced tea glasses instead of glass because they’re safer (and last longer) around children or husbands – but for me, it’s never been my kids or husband that are the problem. Being accident prone and, often, just downright clutzy are the reasons behind my fondness for non-breakables.  What makes these plastic tumblers better than most is the fact that they’re “restaurant quality” plastic tumblers.

That’s right… they’ll last and last and last..

Plastic Iced Tea Tumblers Features:

  • Set of 8 break-resistant assorted colors plastic cup tumblers.
  • Made in USA and made of break-resistant BPA-free SAN material.
  • Great for patio, poolside, and other outdoor use.
  • Top rack dishwasher safe.

These beautiful Iced Tea Tumblers are also available in Clear (pictured below)…. love them too!

Clear Plastic Iced Tea Tumblers

Adorable Rabbit Teapot – Perfect for Easter (and Teapot Collectors!)

Rabbit Teapot for Easter

The Storybook Bunny Rabbit Teapot Adorable Easter Serveware (pictured above) isn’t just ideal for Easter, it’s PERFECT for teapot collectors. After all, we collectors love for our collectibles to be as unique as possible, and this one is definitely unique.

  • Hand painted ceramic with raised details
  • Holds 20 ounces
  • Measures:10 1/4″ high
  • FDA approved/Hand washing recommended

Since Easter’s on my mind, I wanted to show you the cutie below too. It’s the GAMAGO Hunny Bunny Honey Jar and, like the teapot above, it’s uncommon in its cuteness.

Bunny Honey Jar

DoMatcha Review: You Won’t Know How You Ever Lived Without DoMatcha

DoMatcha Review

DoMatcha Organic Matcha (Outstanding!)

I am a huge, huge, huge fan of green tea. Hot green tea, iced green tea, green tea frappes, green tea lattes, green tea with lemon, green tea with honey… If it’s green tea, odds are I’m going to be wild about it.  Given my love of green tea, I wasn’t surprised that as soon as I tried matcha green tea I was completely hooked.  I fully expected to love it.

What I didn’t expect was the reaction my youngest daughter had.  The only tea she has ever been a fan of is black tea – as long as it is as sweet as it can possibly be. She doesn’t care for green tea whatsoever (silly girl!).  Given her strong, relentless feelings toward green tea, I was hesitant to offer her any matcha green tea – after all, it’s green tea in its truest, strongest form.  There’s no way she could possibly like it.


I fixed her a mug of hot matcha tea one afternoon and, by the time evening rolled around, she was ready for another.  Oddly enough, she’s as wild about the taste of matcha tea as I am.  Even more surprisingly, she doesn’t even want it to be very sweet – this from a girl who adds sugar to her iced tea not with a spoon but with a measuring cup.

Just mark it all up to the magic of matcha – or to be more specific, the magic of GOOD, high quality matcha: DoMatcha Green Tea, Organic Matcha.


DoMatcha Description:

  • Net weight 2.8-ounces (approximately 70 servings)
  • Ideal for blended matcha beverages
  • Ancient Japanese green tea
  • USDA organic

Domatcha organic 2nd harvest matcha is 100% authentic Japanese matcha, directly from the uji region in japan where matcha originated 800 years ago. The organic 2nd harvest matcha is harvested in august each year. The leaves are shade-grown and only the finest top leaves are chosen. Compared to the leaves picked in the first flush of spring these leaves are more ‘mature’ and have a slightly more astringent flavor. Organic 2nd harvest matcha is ideal for lattes, blender drinks, frappes and smoothies. .The DoMatcha organic 2nd harvest is very high in catechins especially those extremely powerful antioxidants, egcgs. Use one half to one teaspoon per serving.

There are many Matcha powders on the market, but make no mistake about it – they are not all equal.  Buying organic, authentic Japanese Matcha isn’t just the smartest approach, it’s the only one you should even consider.  My own personal experience tells me that DoMatcha is an excellent choice.

One of my favorite things about DoMatcha (besides the excellent quality) is the fact that they have a very informative website (DoMatcha.com) with instructions, information, videos, and step by step tutorials. The website is as beneficial for those of us who have been enjoying Matcha for years as it is for those who are new to the Matcha experience.

Learn more about DoMatcha DoMatcha Organic 2nd Harvest Matcha, 2.82-Ounce by clicking the link. If you’ve always wanted to try Matcha green tea, here’s your chance to try it at its purest, most delicious form.

If you want to truly enjoy Matcha at home, I highly recommend the following inexpensive products (pictured above):

Chasen (Green Tea Whisk) and Small Scoop for preparing Matcha:

  • This set includes one bamboo Chasen (whisk) and one small bamboo scoop for dishing out Matcha powder
  • The Chasen comes in a clear tube for storage/display.
  • This set will help you whip up the perfect cup of lump free matcha.

OXO Good Grips 3-Inch Mini Strainer:

  • Mini strainer with durable construction and 3-inch diameter
  • Sturdy, stainless-steel mesh bowl and rim with double rod handle
  • Fine mesh for thorough straining of juice, tea, and spiced drinks

Glass Blender Bottle /Shaker Bottle for Tea Lovers Who Like to Shake Things Up a Bit

Glass Tea Bottle This is the Sun’s Tea (TM) 21oz Borosilicate Glass Blender Bottle /Shaker Bottle with hourglass-shape Blending Spring (available on Amazon) and it hasn’t just “caught my eye,” it’s caught both eyes.

  • Made of ultra clear borosilicate glass (not plastic), good for cold drink or hot drink. No worry of BPA or plastic taste.
  • Great for mixing protein drinks, dressings, pancake batter and more by just shaking the bottle up and down.
  • Patented hourglass-shape stainless steel blending spring blends all content evenly and thoroughly, even the content at the conner inside the bottle.
  • Drinkhole lid makes it easy to pour the content out, or drink from it. Works perfectly with Sun’s Tea Deep Infuser (sold seperately) for flavor drink infusing.
  • Super easy to clean, dishwasher safe, 6 month warranty from sunstea

Although it is, obviously, great for protein drinks and/or milkshakes, I’d never compromise its integrity or good intentions by using it for anything other than tea, glorious tea or coffee.

Product Description

Use instruction: 1. Take the drinkhole lid off the bottle and leave the hour-glass-shaped blending spring in. 2. add the content you want to mix into the bottle. 3. put the drinkhole lid on and screw it tightly. 4. Push the flip of the drink hole down firmly to close the drink hole. 5. Use one hand to hold the bottom of the bottle, the other hand hold the upper part of the bottle with one finger covering and holding down the drink hole flip. 6. Shake it up and down to thoroughly mix the content. 7. When the mixing is completed, open the flip of the drink hole first. 8. Pressure might develop during the mixing, especially for hot content, make sure do not point the drink hole to your face or other people.

If you read through the reviews, you’ll see that this is a really special bottle. One review, in particular, stood out to me: The one who raved about how ideal this one is for hot tea! Someone else raved about how this bottle doesn’t leave a “plastic” taste in drinks like other bottles do – I love that, too.

I also LOVE the idea of reusing a glass bottle for transporting drinks (hot or cold) instead of plastic bottles or cups… better for the environment.

Click through the link or picture for more information. I can’t wait to get my hands on this bottle.  Good times!

Beautiful Set of Art Prints for the Tea Lover’s Kitchen

Tea Art Prints

Tea lovers can sometimes have a difficult time finding art prints and decorative lovelies for their kitchen or dining room. When we do see something, like these 4 Elegant Tea Service Floral Art Prints Kitchen Decor 8 x 10, we have to snatch them up before they get away.

These really are especially beautiful.

Each lovely print is ready to be framed and hung on your wall. Click through for a closer look.