Adorable Teapot: “Zero” From Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas

Teapot Zero Nightmare Before Christmas

SO CUTE! The adorable Ceramic “Zero” Teapot , pictured above, is based on one of the most lovable characters in Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas.

This beauty makes a great collector’s gift for any Disney and/or teapot collector.


  • Teapot measures 7.25″ high and has a 26oz. capacity
  • High quality ceramic design; functional and decorative
  • Officially licensed Disney product & design
  • A great collector’s gift

See Ceramic “Zero” Teapot for more information.

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Doctor Who Teapot: What a Great Gift Idea!

Doctor Who Tardis Teapot

I have a confession to make – I have never seen a single episode of the insanely popular Doctor Who. As far as I’m concerned, I have no idea WHO Doctor WHO is! And yet… I am so in love with this adorable Doctor Who Tardis Teapot, I’m beside myself.

This beautiful collector’s item is fashioned after the time machine in the BBC TV show Doctor Who.

Wait? Time machine? What have I been missing?!?!

See Doctor Who Tardis Teapot for more information while I go look into catching up on Netflix!

Teavana Large PerfecTea Tea Maker

Teavana PerfecTea Tea Maker

The Teavana Large PerfecTea Tea Maker  makes four 8oz cups of tea at once,  making life infinitely easier for us who are crazy about tea.  While I love the tea makers that produce one cup at a time… I’m infatuated with this particular tea maker for realizing that I never stop at one cup.


  • New and improved Large PerfecTea Maker II
  • Integrated, removable stainless steel tea strainer for easy cleaning
  • BPA free
  • Works for making hot or iced tea
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Makes four 8 oz cups at once, 32 oz total

The beautiful Teavana Large PerfecTea Tea Maker steeps tea quickly and drains out the bottom straining the used leaves. While it would make a perfect gift for any tea lover, you’ll want to grab one for yourself first.

Find other great Teavana products on Amazon!

Beautiful Lemon Yellow Tea Kettle

Yellow Teapot
The beautiful Lemon Yellow Tea Kettle, shown here, is ridiculously good-looking. Bright, colorful, eye-catching, and downright cheerful, it has moved to the top of my “must have” list.

The adorable Calypso Basics 2-Quart Enamel-on-Steel tea kettle is actually available in a wide variety of colors (black, white, orange, lime, blue and a beautiful shade of pink that I’m pretty nuts about too). Each is available on Amazon – if you click through the link above (or here!), you can see each of the gorgeous colors available.

If you go with the lemon yellow, you might also be interested in the Lemon Shape Cutting Board with Knife, pictured below.

The Health Benefits of Tea are Staggering…

Given the fact that you’re here… on a tea blog…. leads me to believe that you’re as crazy about tea as I am. So I’ll skip telling you how delicious, refreshing, and absolutely perfect tea is – you already get that.

I’ll skip right to something you may not fully realize and that is this: Our favorite drink is as good for us as it is to us.

All tea (black, green, white, red, and oolong) – whether it’s iced or hot – is packed with antioxidants called polyphenols. Think of polyphenols as little superheroes that battle free radicals. Free radicals (the villains) have one thing in mind: damaging our cells and tissues and, thereby, increasing our risk of heart disease, cancer, and countless other diseases.

The polyphenols battle these guys before they have a chance to harm us.

What’s more, pholyphenols in tea help lower LDL cholesterol.

Catechins (which green tea, in particular, is loaded with) have been shown to improve triglyceride levels and may help protect against Alzheimer’s and certain forms of cancer.

Decaffenated tea is also a healthy option. As for herbal teas, they don’t offer the same health benefits as the teas named above but they’re still BY FAR healthier than drinking soft drinks and diet soft drinks.

Photo Credit: The Tea image at the top is a fun art print available online. Click through for a closer look.

Tea Gicelee Print: Makes an Especially Beautiful Gift for Tea Lovers

The beautiful Tea Gicelee Print pictured pretty much rattles off all that’s right with the world: Chai Tea (used in lattes, of course), English Breakfast Tea, Green Tea, Earl Grey Tea, and Orange Spice Tea… some of my very best friends.

Click through for a closer look at this beauty. You’ll also find tons of other prints and posters celebrating the beauty of tea.

Crimson Hollow Owl Teapot

Owl Teapot
If you love (and maybe even collect) owls, this Grasslands Road Crimson Hollow Owl Teapot has already won your heart.

This ceramic beauty is dishwasher and microwave safe and is available on Amazon. Apparently it’s selling like crazy, though, so be sure to grab one fast.

When you click through the link or picture, you’ll find MANY other beautiful owl pitchers, salt and pepper shakers, and more from Grasslands – each one is absolutely gorgeous.

Beautiful Turkish Tea Glass Set (Great Gift Idea for Tea Lovers!)

Turkish Tea Glasses
I have to tell you, I’ve gone ahead and fallen head over heels in love with Turkish Tea Glasses.  They’re almost too beautiful to even think of as glasses. They look like little artsy vases, but make such perfect vessels for iced tea that I’d never dream of putting anything BUT tea in them.

This beautiful Turkish Tea Glass Set is on Amazon for less than $20.

Click through for more information. While on Amazon, check out the gorgeous Turkish Tea Glass Saucers too. SO pretty!

Turkish Tea Glass Set

Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino (With Whipped Topping and Raspberry Syrup on Top, of Course!)

Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino

I am as big a fan of Starbucks as you’ll ever find. In fact, every member of my family know the “right” thing to get me for Christmas, Mother’s Day, or my birthday is a Starbucks gift card.  One Christmas I racked up 5 and I was in caffeinated bliss for weeks!

The crazy thing is, I never… seriously, never…. order coffee at Starbucks. In the cooler months, I always get a Chai Tea Latte or hot black tea and in the warmer months, my Baristas know exactly what’s coming out of my mouth, “Grande Green Tea Frappuccino with Whipped Topping and Raspberry Syrup on Top.”

It’s absolute perfection and I’m as associated with this drink as Cookie Monster is cookies.  I, admittedly, get as worked up as he does for the object of my affection to.

Years ago, I began ordering the Green Tea Frappe “straight up,” without whipped topping or anything. Honestly, it’s absolutely delicious like that too and sometimes I still order it without the frills. However, I’ve found that a little whipped topping, followed by raspberry syrup on top creates such an incredible work of delicious art that I even dream about it.


When you order this masterpiece, you have to be sure to specify, “raspberry syrup on top” plainly or you’ll get it mixed in with the green tea frappe, itself. That’s happened to me before and, while it’s still delicious, it’s just not the same magical drink as you see pictured here.  Without the whipped topping and Raspberry syrup, it’s more like a delicious green tea smootie… add the other two and what you have is Heaven in a plastic cup.

This one’s a real head-turner and tastes even better than it looks.


Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino 2

Cherry Blossoms Ceramic Teapot… LOVELY!

Cherry Blossoms Ceramic Teapot
Maybe it’s because all I’ve seen for weeks now is snow, bare tree limbs, and icicles, but this Cherry Blossom print looks especially beautiful right now.  The colors, the design, and (most importantly) the promise of Spring and Summer – they all make Tea Forte Pugg’s Cherry Blossoms Ceramic Teapot irresistible.

Teapot Description and Features:

PUGG’S cheerful attitude and foolproof brewing system will become a lifetime companion to any tea lover. Steeps a generous amount of piping hot tea for two, using either loose leaf tea or teabags. Made from durable, ceramic and stainless steel. Not just a teapot, a member of the family.

  • Ceramic Teapot – Cherry Blossoms
  • 24oz Capacity
  • Stainless Steel Infuser – fine mesh for loose tea
  • Stainless Steel Lid – clips on for ease of use

The Cherry Blossoms theme continues in even more beautiful gifts for tea lovers.  Click through either one of the products below for more information.  Like the beautiful teapot shown above, they’re the very essence of loveliness…. and warmer days!

Tea Forte KATI Tea Brewing System – Cherry Blossoms

Tea Forte LUCI Loose Tea Infuser – Cherry Blossoms

Find more Ceramic Teapots on Amazon (or click through any of the teapots shown in the slider below).