Beautiful Lemon Yellow Tea Kettle

Yellow Teapot
The beautiful Lemon Yellow Tea Kettle, shown here, is ridiculously good-looking. Bright, colorful, eye-catching, and downright cheerful, it has moved to the top of my “must have” list.

The adorable Calypso Basics 2-Quart Enamel-on-Steel tea kettle is actually available in a wide variety of colors (black, white, orange, lime, blue and a beautiful shade of pink that I’m pretty nuts about too). Each is available on Amazon – if you click through the link above (or here!), you can see each of the gorgeous colors available.

If you go with the lemon yellow, you might also be interested in the Lemon Shape Cutting Board with Knife, pictured below.

The Health Benefits of Tea are Staggering…

Given the fact that you’re here… on a tea blog…. leads me to believe that you’re as crazy about tea as I am. So I’ll skip telling you how delicious, refreshing, and absolutely perfect tea is – you already get that.

I’ll skip right to something you may not fully realize and that is this: Our favorite drink is as good for us as it is to us.

All tea (black, green, white, red, and oolong) – whether it’s iced or hot – is packed with antioxidants called polyphenols. Think of polyphenols as little superheroes that battle free radicals. Free radicals (the villains) have one thing in mind: damaging our cells and tissues and, thereby, increasing our risk of heart disease, cancer, and countless other diseases.

The polyphenols battle these guys before they have a chance to harm us.

What’s more, pholyphenols in tea help lower LDL cholesterol.

Catechins (which green tea, in particular, is loaded with) have been shown to improve triglyceride levels and may help protect against Alzheimer’s and certain forms of cancer.

Decaffenated tea is also a healthy option. As for herbal teas, they don’t offer the same health benefits as the teas named above but they’re still BY FAR healthier than drinking soft drinks and diet soft drinks.

Photo Credit: The Tea image at the top is a fun art print available online. Click through for a closer look.

Tea Gicelee Print: Makes an Especially Beautiful Gift for Tea Lovers

The beautiful Tea Gicelee Print pictured pretty much rattles off all that’s right with the world: Chai Tea (used in lattes, of course), English Breakfast Tea, Green Tea, Earl Grey Tea, and Orange Spice Tea… some of my very best friends.

Click through for a closer look at this beauty. You’ll also find tons of other prints and posters celebrating the beauty of tea.

Crimson Hollow Owl Teapot

Owl Teapot
If you love (and maybe even collect) owls, this Grasslands Road Crimson Hollow Owl Teapot has already won your heart.

This ceramic beauty is dishwasher and microwave safe and is available on Amazon. Apparently it’s selling like crazy, though, so be sure to grab one fast.

When you click through the link or picture, you’ll find MANY other beautiful owl pitchers, salt and pepper shakers, and more from Grasslands – each one is absolutely gorgeous.

Beautiful Turkish Tea Glass Set (Great Gift Idea for Tea Lovers!)

Turkish Tea Glasses
I have to tell you, I’ve gone ahead and fallen head over heels in love with Turkish Tea Glasses.  They’re almost too beautiful to even think of as glasses. They look like little artsy vases, but make such perfect vessels for iced tea that I’d never dream of putting anything BUT tea in them.

This beautiful Turkish Tea Glass Set is on Amazon for less than $20.

Click through for more information. While on Amazon, check out the gorgeous Turkish Tea Glass Saucers too. SO pretty!

Turkish Tea Glass Set

Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino (With Whipped Topping and Raspberry Syrup on Top, of Course!)

Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino

I am as big a fan of Starbucks as you’ll ever find. In fact, every member of my family know the “right” thing to get me for Christmas, Mother’s Day, or my birthday is a Starbucks gift card.  One Christmas I racked up 5 and I was in caffeinated bliss for weeks!

The crazy thing is, I never… seriously, never…. order coffee at Starbucks. In the cooler months, I always get a Chai Tea Latte or hot black tea and in the warmer months, my Baristas know exactly what’s coming out of my mouth, “Grande Green Tea Frappuccino with Whipped Topping and Raspberry Syrup on Top.”

It’s absolute perfection and I’m as associated with this drink as Cookie Monster is cookies.  I, admittedly, get as worked up as he does for the object of my affection to.

Years ago, I began ordering the Green Tea Frappe “straight up,” without whipped topping or anything. Honestly, it’s absolutely delicious like that too and sometimes I still order it without the frills. However, I’ve found that a little whipped topping, followed by raspberry syrup on top creates such an incredible work of delicious art that I even dream about it.


When you order this masterpiece, you have to be sure to specify, “raspberry syrup on top” plainly or you’ll get it mixed in with the green tea frappe, itself. That’s happened to me before and, while it’s still delicious, it’s just not the same magical drink as you see pictured here.  Without the whipped topping and Raspberry syrup, it’s more like a delicious green tea smootie… add the other two and what you have is Heaven in a plastic cup.

This one’s a real head-turner and tastes even better than it looks.


Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino 2

Cherry Blossoms Ceramic Teapot… LOVELY!

Cherry Blossoms Ceramic Teapot
Maybe it’s because all I’ve seen for weeks now is snow, bare tree limbs, and icicles, but this Cherry Blossom print looks especially beautiful right now.  The colors, the design, and (most importantly) the promise of Spring and Summer – they all make Tea Forte Pugg’s Cherry Blossoms Ceramic Teapot irresistible.

Teapot Description and Features:

PUGG’S cheerful attitude and foolproof brewing system will become a lifetime companion to any tea lover. Steeps a generous amount of piping hot tea for two, using either loose leaf tea or teabags. Made from durable, ceramic and stainless steel. Not just a teapot, a member of the family.

  • Ceramic Teapot – Cherry Blossoms
  • 24oz Capacity
  • Stainless Steel Infuser – fine mesh for loose tea
  • Stainless Steel Lid – clips on for ease of use

The Cherry Blossoms theme continues in even more beautiful gifts for tea lovers.  Click through either one of the products below for more information.  Like the beautiful teapot shown above, they’re the very essence of loveliness…. and warmer days!

Tea Forte KATI Tea Brewing System – Cherry Blossoms

Tea Forte LUCI Loose Tea Infuser – Cherry Blossoms

Find more Ceramic Teapots on Amazon (or click through any of the teapots shown in the slider below).

Golden Tips Tea: Review of Delicious Tea and a Beautiful Experience

Golden Tips Tea Review
As someone who drinks and loves tea like it’s her job, I fully understand the worldwide obsession and fascination with tea. It’s healthy, “green,” and always fresh and delicious.

But it goes further than that.

We love tea, not only for each of the above reasons, but also for the fact that it’s an experience. At times a beautiful, peaceful, relaxing, and extra special experience.

Other times, tea’s an extra special experience similar to a refreshing shower in the morning.

That’s what makes tea so uniquely wonderful – it’s an extra special experience that can, and does, often mean different things to different people.

Said another way – tea is always just what we need when we need it most.

Golden Tips Tea Review
I was reminded of the beauty of the tea experience recently. I was sent a beautiful set of teas from Golden Tips Tea in India – in exchange for reviewing them on the tea blog. As always, I jumped at the chance to review tea! The fact that the “experience” would be extra special and extra exotic caused me to reach new levels of excitement!

When the package came… from India!!!… I couldn’t open it fast enough.

Seriously. How exotic is that? Tea. From India. It’s these beautiful people I have to thank for one of my greatest passions in life – Chai Tea Lattes. The flavor of Chai Tea has been one of my greatest obsessions since I first tried it many years ago.

A tea that, over the years I came to love as much as Chai is Darjeeling Tea. I was ecstatic when I saw Darjeeling was included in the samples.

Naturally it was the first one I made.

Golden Tips Darjeeling Tea Review
The Turbo Moonlight Darjeeling is the best Darjeeling tea I’ve ever tasted. It is smooth, beautiful, exotic, and delicately delicious.  I could drink it all day, everyday.  It’s a wonderfully relaxing experience hot and refreshing on ice.

Each of the teas in the set were out of this world. Each were delicious and beautiful.  Possibly the most important thing that stands out about each, however, is the experience, itself.  Words cannot fully describe the experience but suffice to say it’s a unmistakably beautiful one.

It’s as though you open up a whole new world for your love of tea. You experience tea that was lovingly grown and packaged so far away – from people who “get” the tea experience as much as you do.

Like I said, it’s almost impossible to describe just how wonderful the experience is.  It’s extra special – just like the tea, itself.

A few ways to experience Golden Tips Tea: 

Obviously, you can simply go to Golden Tips Tea and order the tea or teas of your choice – Something I’d HIGHLY recommend!  However, there are also a few different options that’ll allow you to experience different teas and different exotic flavors. Below are a few ideas.

Golden Tips Tea offers a “Subscription Program” where you can subscribe to tea deliveries – experiencing many different varieties and flavors.  This would be a really fun and exciting way to spread your tea experience across 3, 6, or 12 months. Click through the link to learn more about the program.

Golden Tips Tea also offers a great number of Samplers – the sampler packages include…

  • Black Tea
  • Beginners
  • Introduction
  • Darjeeling
  • Assam
  • First Flush
  • Muscatel

Do a few of the names above sound unique to you??? All the more reason to “experience” them through a “sampler!” I had never tried Assam Tea prior to the Golden Tips Assam Tea.  Assam Tea is a black tea which is named for the region (Assam, India) in which it is grown.

Assam tea is bold, fearless, and deep colored. As someone who loves BOTH tea and coffee equally, I often make comparisons between the two. If I were to do so with Assam Tea, I’d call it the “Espresso” of teas.  It’s more of a wake up call where Darjeeling is relaxation in a cup. Now that I’ve tried Assam tea, I’m a huge, huge fan.

I was also new to Muscatel Tea. It had a milder, somewhat sweeter flavor than Assam but I fell just as deeply in love with it. When doing tea (or food reviews on my food blog for that matter) reviews, I often pay extra attention to the first words that come to mind with the initial taste. With Muscatel tea, the first words were: lovely, understated, delicate, and lovely. Yes, I repeated myself.

I do that sometimes!

Even the different teas I was familiar with were given a whole new exciting experience. My beloved Darjeeling seemed even more special and exotic than ever.

 Golden Tips Tea Review
In addition to my Golden Tips Tea experience introducing me to a few new teas that I’m now obsessed with AND making me love a few old favorites even more, it also has given me a wonderful new idea for a new collection I want to start… Tea Boxes!

The beauties below are just a few that caught my eye (well, both eyes to be exact) on Golden Tips Tea’s website. Click through for more information. Can you imagine how gorgeous a tea box collection would be. I’m excited for starting this colleciton in the New Year!

Golden Tips Tea Box
Golden Tips Tea Luxury Tea Box
Golden Tips Tea Pinewood Tea Box

Matcha Bowl and Whisk Set: Beautiful Gift Idea

Matcha Bowl and Whisk Set

The beautiful Tea Ceremony Set Bowl and Whisk Green/Brown, pictured above, makes a perfect gift set.

The Matcha set features utensils used for a traditional tea ceremony: Tea bowl, tea whisk and tea scoop.

Click through for more information. This is gorgeous!

Want to know how to make traditional Japanese Matcha? Click the link for a video from DoMatcha.

Video: How to Make Traditional Japanese Matcha

I have recently fallen head over heels in love with tea-related videos. I’ve always been MAD about cooking videos but the obsession with tea videos is a fairly recent thing. Look for a lot more tea videos to be added to the tea blog because I’m pretty sure you’ll become as hooked as I am.

The video below is from DoMatcha (makers of extraordinary Matcha). In this video, DoMatcha host Calli O’Brien shows how to whisk up a traditional matcha.

Find DoMatcha and Matcha Bowls, Whisks, and Sets on Amazon!

Matcha Whisk Holder (similar to the one she uses in the video above):

Blue Matcha Whisk Holder

Matcha Accessories (Bowls, Whisks, Sets):